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Looking for something to carry your small essentials?

You & our wallets - a match made in heaven.

Handcrafted with love and designed using eco-responsible materials, our clutches and wallets are a must-have for those who appreciate slow, timeless and sustainable fashion.

Designed with materials like cork, Piñatex (made from pineapples), Desserto (made from cactus) and Khesh (upcycled materials), these products are stylish, lightweight and perfect to pair with your favourite clutch or bag

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          Bolt Dopp Kit


          Metsa Men’s Wallet


          Bella Mini Wallet


          Asa Wallets


          Taru Wallets


          Tara Clutches


          Ila Clutch


          Koru Clutch


          Maru Clutch


          Alpa Mini Wallet


          Samirah Slimfold Wallet


          Virya Slimfold Wallet


          Evaan Bi-fold Wallet