what Beej offers

White Label
Co-created and
co-branded collaborations

the Beej promise

An end-to-end partnership,
right from sourcing to delivery

Flexibility to work with
smaller MOQ’s

A strong understanding of the
space, materials and certifications

An obsessive focus on quality
and workmanship

An experienced leadership team who understands production
and fashion

A proven track record of being partners with some iconic brands globally through our parent company

Client testimonials

Debbie Cham - Founder Maymucki

"The stars aligned for us when I found Studio Beej as the company is everything I was looking for in a manufacturing partner and more. They have extensive knowledge of the sustainability space and most importantly their company ethos aligns with our own values. Arundhati is genuine and has been very supportive of us from the very beginning. She has an excellent, friendly, hardworking and talented team working hard to bring our vision to life with their attention to detail, quality and design. I am so thankful to have found such amazing partners in Studio Beej and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a private labelling service."


Kanak Hirani - Founder Julahas

"Cork as a material was new to me and I didn’t know so much was possible with it until Studio Beej came along. When I approached Arundhati to discuss a potential new product for my brand, I didn't realise that this would become a long-term relationship. We are now working on our third product together and I am so excited about its upcoming launch!
Although JULAHAS is based in the Netherlands and Beej in India, distance didn't come in the way of our collaboration. Through regular video calls, updates from their design team and quick sampling, I am always thrilled with the progress and eventual outcome.
Not only is cork magical but the team at Beej is able to showcase its beauty in ways that are innovative and tasteful.
I love their ethics, aesthetics, ability to work with new concepts and deliver big on them. Love how you're changing the world, one bag at a time."


Sunil Makhija - Founder Lory Lux

"Beej owners and team, what can I say, being a recent startup you have really kept a good grip on your customer service, manufacturing, quality and design.
Absolutely brilliant job, many startup's are trying to master one aspect of their business, where as you guys /gals have master it all in such a short time. Bravo! The products and quality, and designs received where fabulous. I honestly had my doubts at the beginning, but the quality surprised me completely, really professional.
Not only did you listen to our requirements, you also helped us in saving money on some of our designs.
Thank you Team Beej, Keep up the excellent work."


Marcelo Kollet - Founder Samadhi

"As a note, it's been just over a year since we started working together. I appreciate the time and effort your team has put into my requests.
I'm happy with the first few products developed and I'm looking forward to a continued partnership. After a year's long search for a reliable manufacturing partner in India, I finally found Beej. I'm thankful for all your help and expertise on our first collaboration. The product development process has been smooth and the skilled craftsmanship is noticeable. The collection is starting to take shape and I'm anticipating a positive response from consumers.
Cheers to a long relationship."


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