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NFW® is a material innovation company, on a mission to invent and manufacture shockingly sustainable materials from plants. Beginning with inherently circular, natural ingredients, NFW® is making a material-rich, plastic-free future possible.

Beej is the first South Asian brand to collaborate with NFW® to create a limited series bag using their miracle material MIRUM®

Rightly said, The Future is Plants not Plastic®

MIRUM® is a plant-based, plastic-free, new material innovation that is perfect for fashion, accessories, and more. As a brand, what drew us to MIRUM® was the unparalleled features it offers to conscious design houses like ours. With MIRUM® we could actively and tangibly create a lower environmental impact while making products that are high performance and ultra-luxe.

At the end of its life, MIRUM® designed products can be recycled into new MIRUM® or ground up and safely returned to earth making it entirely circular. Climate-friendly and plastic-free, what more could we ask for?

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MADE WITH MIRUM®, The Era is an ultra-chic monochrome baguette.

Aptly named Era, this design is symbolic of a whole new era in circular and sustainable fashion, and we are proud and privileged to be the first South Asian brand to design with this exceptional material.

Plant-based, plastic-free, stylish, sustainable and circular. It is everything we look for in our designs.

The Era is a limited edition design of 25 pieces only, with personalized monograms. Place your order for your first circular bag here.



Cruelty Free


Zero Plastic

Zero Waste

Sustainable style has never looked better.

In nature, 'waste' simply does not exist; In our natural world, everything is made with intention, care, and most importantly, circularity. There is no "end life" so to speak -...