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NFW® is a material innovation company, on a mission to invent and manufacture shockingly sustainable materials from plants. Beginning with inherently circular, natural ingredients, NFW® is making a material-rich, plastic-free future possible.

Beej is the first South Asian brand to collaborate with NFW® to create a limited series bag using their miracle material MIRUM®

Rightly said, The Future is Plants not Plastic®

MIRUM® is a plant-based, plastic-free, new material innovation that is perfect for fashion, accessories, and more. As a brand, what drew us to MIRUM® was the unparalleled features it offers to conscious design houses like ours. With MIRUM® we could actively and tangibly create a lower environmental impact while making products that are high performance and ultra-luxe.

At the end of its life, MIRUM® designed products can be recycled into new MIRUM® or ground up and safely returned to earth making it entirely circular. Climate-friendly and plastic-free, what more could we ask for?


MADE WITH MIRUM®, The Era is an ultra-chic monochrome baguette.

Aptly named Era, this design is symbolic of a whole new era in circular and sustainable fashion, and we are proud and privileged to be the first South Asian brand to design with this exceptional material.

Plant-based, plastic-free, stylish, sustainable and circular. It is everything we look for in our designs.

The Era is a limited edition design of 25 pieces only, with personalized monograms. We will be taking pre-orders soon.



Cruelty Free


Zero Plastic

Zero Waste

Sustainable style has never looked better.

In nature, 'waste' simply does not exist; In our natural world, everything is made with intention, care, and most importantly, circularity. There is no "end life" so to speak -...