30th August 2020

Sustainable Handbags

Beej strives to make responsible choices at every step

03 August 2020

Cosmopolitan India

We were “Label of the Month” for Cosmo’s March 2020 issue.

05 June 2020

Mail Today / India Today

Mail Today covered us for a special World Environment Day edition on June 5th.

05 May 2020


Luxebook labelled us “the coolest, greenest fashion house!”

03 August 2020


A platform that promotes slow living/ sustainable living in India

10 March 2020


Refash chronicled our journey from sustainable thought to a mindful fashion business

24 August 2020

Your Story

This woman entrepreneur’s startup offers sustainable fashion accessories made from pineapple leaves and cactus

03 August 2020

Live Mint

Live Mint covered our quest for making locally sourced, sustainable fashion accessories, mainstream.