We believe that when you enjoy a special relationship with what you buy, you use it longer and with more love

Step 1

Say hello

  • Reach out to us via or social media and a team member will call you back.

Step 2

Share your thoughts

  • Do you have something in mind? Tell us.
  • If not, then tell us what the bag is for— a bag you can use daily? A bag that you can use while you travel? A bag for parties?

Step 3

Pick a material

  • After the design is finalised, you get to pick your material, and we’ll offer all the suggestions you need.

Step 4

Let us get crafty

  • We begin the production process as soon as we have all the details figured out.

Step 5

Your bag is ready

  • We ship it out to you in an organic jute bag placed within a repurposable box

Step 6

You get the bag you love

  • The bag gets delivered to you and you get to show it off!
  • Best part? No one has the same bag as you.

Get in touch

Share what you’re thinking, and let us come to you with a design that resonates with your ideas, and our philosophy. You could also use our Gift Cards to give something special, unique and sustainable to a special someone.