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Beej is our effort to create a brand where creativity, ethical practices and conscious fashion co-exist and thrive.

love for our planet
respect for our people
like-minded partners
sustainable products
conscious consumers

Our relationship with sustainable living and in turn, with Beej is constantly evolving. Everyday brings a new challenge, a new learning and a new opportunity. Through all this, the following four pillars hold together our vision, our mission and the very purpose of our existence.


Mindfulness is at the heart of everything we do. Every element in our value chain is chosen keeping in mind its impact – right down to the packaging. We are always on the lookout for newer material innovations that are respectful of the planet and help us create green products that lend to great style.


We believe in collaborating with people that share our values of ethical practices. We only partner with companies that come with the right level of consciousness and certifications so we know our claims and promises are backed by the right processes. All our partners are committed to building livelihoods and practice sustainability - both environmentally and socially.

Transparent & Accountable

It’s important for us that people know exactly what has gone into their product. From the materials we source, the artisans who work on our products, to the impact of our practices on the environment – we believe in transparency across all levels of operations.

We encourage our clients to ask us questions, as it keeps us transparent, responsible and accountable as a brand.


Our products don’t just meet the standards, they set the standards. Sustainable, ethical and trend-agnostic. Every piece is handcrafted by an experienced artisan with great attention to detail, so that you cherish your purchase and use it for longer, adding an extra layer of sustainability to your practice.

Everything we do at Beej, is bound by the same thought that gave birth to it – to live in a world where fashion and mindfulness are a part of the same breath. And every day, we strive to be better than what we were the day before.