I have two decades of experience in drafting and pattern making, and have worked across the country. My expertise gained me the position of a supervisor and at Beej, I look after the production process. I am tough when it comes to quality control. My favourite part of the job is working with new designs and problem solving.

Mohammed Imran


I have been working in the leather industry for the last 10 years. At beej, I am part of the production team. The materials are more uniform as compared to leather and the team doesn’t have to spend time checking.We spend time handcrafting products with utmost care.

Mohammed Nausad


I look forward to coming to work everyday. I’ve been in the industry for over 20 years now but the materials I know work with challenge me everyday and I like that. Both leather and vegan leather that we work with at beej, have their pros and cons.

Mohammed Nausad


I have been working in the leather industry for the last 24 years. I joined Beej recently and it is very exciting to start working with new materials such as cork and pinatex.. Even after so many years we get to learn a lot about new material and everyday we’re experimenting with it.

Mohammed Sitare


At Beej I get to work on new materials and that’s what I find most exciting. I am part of the production team and work on all the new designs. The entire process from understanding the design from the designer to delivering a finished product is very satisfying.

Mohammed Shahid


I was born in Bihar and shifted to Mumbai to work with Beej. Working on new designs really excites me. I am relatively new to the field as compared to my fellow karigars but I learn from them everyday.

Amit Sangare

Operations and Channel Partner Management

With the brand even I as an individual am growing everyday. I manage the channel partners at beej. Inventory management and packing orders is a part of my daily routine at beej and I enjoy it thoroughly. Working in a sustainable brand helps me understand and learn new and upcoming business trends everyday.

Aakash Kumar

Digital Marketing Consultant

The go-to guy for all things digital marketing at Beej. My heart beats for strategy, and I'm all about blending data-driven insights with a splash of creative finesse. Just like Arundhati's knack for dreaming big and Abhijit's attention to detail, I'm here to weave digital magic that makes Beej shine online. I bring my own unique energy to Beej - guiding it through the ever-changing digital landscape which is both a privilege and a responsibility.

Abhijit Datta

Creative Lead

While I am a photographer by profession, I am a designer at heart. I started out by simply helping Arundhati and her team with design and creative inputs, but soon before I knew it, I became a core member of it. With a keen eye for detail and a slight OCD, I am known for asking for the best and not settling.



My biggest strength and perhaps my greatest weakness, too, is that I am a dreamer. My natural tendency to view the world as it can be and not how it is, is what prompted me to start Beej. Working with Beej gives me the opportunity to do all the things I love without having to choose one over the other. I get to create, design, wear multiple hats, build a team and above all, dream. The fact that my doggo and daughter can come hangout with me at the studio is an added bonus.
It’s also the first time in my 18+ years of a working career that I look forward to work each day, because no day is like the previous one.