I was born in Bihar, spent several years in Kolkata before finally moving to Mumbai to work with Beej. We are three brothers and we have all been working in the leather trade since our childhood. My expertise lies in sewing and construction. Working with different sewing machines and practicing different techniques has always been exciting for me. At Beej I get to work on new materials and that’s what I find most exciting.



I have two decades of experience in drafting and pattern making, and have worked across the country. My expertise gained me the position of a supervisor and at Beej, I look after the production process. I am tough when it comes to quality control. My favourite part of the job is working with new designs and problem solving.



I had been in the leather industry for a long time. I emphasise a lot on details and ensure that nothing gets missed. With over 20 years of experience in the leather exports industry, the shift has been both challenging and exciting for me. As a part of the founding team at Beej, I’m excited to work hard and watch the business grow.

Brinda Biswas


Design has always been THE one for me. It has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. Being the daughter of two exceptional artists, who till date continue to inspire me, I can quite literally say I grew up with art. My love affair with design keeps me motivated to explore further, learn and create the next best project. Minimalism and sustainability have always been my style. And, today Beej allows me to do just that with a hint of quirkiness.

Ami Jani

Operations and Channel Partner Management

A fashion, food and coffee lover in no particular order. I thrive on discovering new things everyday and must know the story behind everything. Beej 's sensibility of timeless pieces helps me chase my passion for all things classic.

Niharika Shetty

Communications and Social Media Intern

By nature, I would say - I am both inquisitive and emotional. I have an odd set of passions (football, psychology, biology, art and fashion), each of which have taught me countless lessons and inspired me in different ways. I have always felt an irresistible impulse to understand and protect nature, and that is what drove me towards ’sustainability’. Having studied fashion design and technology - I was keen to explore the crossing between thoughtful/conscious design, business and storytelling. Beej has given me the opportunity and platform to cultivate change - I am excited to be a part of this growth, to learn, assimilate and inspire.

Abhijit Datt

Creative Lead

While I am a photographer by profession, I am a designer at heart. I started out by simply helping Arundhati and her team with design and creative inputs, but soon before I knew it, I became a core member of it. With a keen eye for detail and a slight OCD, I am known for asking for the best and not settling.



My biggest strength and perhaps my greatest weakness, too, is that I am a dreamer. My natural tendency to view the world as it can be and not how it is, is what prompted me to start Beej. Working with Beej gives me the opportunity to do all the things I love without having to choose one over the other. I get to create, design, wear multiple hats, build a team and above all, dream. The fact that my doggo and daughter can come hangout with me at the studio is an added bonus.
It’s also the first time in my 18+ years of a working career that I look forward to work each day, because no day is like the previous one.