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At Beej, we pay equal attention to the art and the artist. Every product that you see, is made by a single artisan. What does this mean? It means that each product at Beej is personal, made with passion and the attention to detail is impeccable. With the kind of materials we work with and the creative space we have created at Beej, our artisans get to experiment, collaborate, fail, experiment again, and then deliver. It gives us, and our team great pleasure to create a product that is nuanced, stylish, and above all, mindful.

An ecosystem of fair practices

By “sustainability,” we don’t just mean our responsibility to our planet, but also our people. At Beej, we pay our artisans fairly for their expertise and craft. Benefits like subsidised housing and medical insurance help them to work without added worries in an expensive city like Mumbai. We carry forward the principle of fair pay, ensuring that our suppliers are committed to the same at their end. Being committed to building the livelihoods of all those who work alongside us, is a key criterion that helps us select our partners.