Sustainable gifting is here to stay

The past year and a half has seen a sharp shift in consumer focus, with the pandemic nudging an increasing number of people in the direction of a more sustainable lifestyle. What was a slowly — yet steadily — burgeoning movement on the fringe of the mainstream has now moved centre-stage.

At the centre of this transition lies a long overdue change in consumer sentiment: consumers are prioritising the planet in the choices they make, with a growing section of shoppers willing to pay more for products that they believe have less environmental impact.

The last couple of years have seen this trend penetrate different purchasing habits — and gifting has been no exception. Along with being thoughtful, unique and useful, sustainability tops the list of criteria people consider while choosing gifts today. Lucky for conscious consumers like ourselves, they also happen to be a great way to initiate people into the conversation of mindful consumption and living.

If you are looking for a sustainable gift this festive season, here are three things you could consider:

Do your homework 

More and more brands today claim to be eco-friendly — when prodded further, however, they find it hard to substantiate why. Take those extra minutes to read through what has gone into the making of the product that makes it socially & environmentally sustainable. Simple yet effective questions to ask — who has made the product? What is it made of? How has it been produced?

Judge the cover

A sustainable gift being sent out in bubble wrap and plastic galore just defeats the purpose. Brands that are serious about their sustainability promise will ensure the packing is low-to-zero plastic, low-to-zero waste, and in a lot of instances repurposable too. 

Shop local 

Shopping from small brands that source and manufacture locally significantly helps reduce your carbon footprint. It also generates employment for local artisans and work groups.

At Beej sustainability is not just a single action, but a filter we apply to everything we do — from material sourcing to designing to packaging. We are proud to be India’s premier eco-conscious accessories brand on a mission to make sustainability mainstream. In our effort to do so, we work with a host of eco-friendly and plant-based materials sourced from across the globe. Currently we work with cork from Portugal, Piñatex (made from pineapple leaf fibres) from Spain, Desserto (made from cactus pulp) acquired from Mexico, and a special upcycled handloom material called Khesh sourced from West Bengal. 

If you’re looking for the perfect thoughtful present for yourself, friends, family or even colleagues this season, here are our top gifting picks that promise a guilt-free shopping experience. 


Start with yourself


The gifting season must begin with a gift for yourself — after an especially hard year, it’s time you reward yourself with some guilt-free indulgence. Browse through our range of bestsellers to pick something sustainable and chic for your closet. 


Work-home balance


As the boundaries between work and home increasingly become more blurred, products that straddle both spaces sound too good to be true. That’s where our newest range of conscious home accessories comes in. Lightweight and fashionable, these cork products translate effortlessly from work to home. From the Lagom mini-chest to the Mysa multi-pocket organiser, there’s plenty to choose from! 


Party favourites


Lavish, larger-than-life Diwali parties are getting swapped out for cosy gatherings within your own social — and bio — bubble this year. The crowd may be smaller — but there’s no reason to dampen the cheer. Delight your favorite party hosts by carrying some sparkling (festive) spirits in one of our unique wine bags. You could even throw in a couple coasters while you're at it.

(PS: With a bag so stunning, nobody is judging the wine.)


Safety in Style


The best gifts are the ones that stay relevant - and we've got you covered on that end. Our Salus sanitiser cases are stylish, useful and the perfect way to tell your loved ones how much you care for their well-being. Choose from a variety of attractive cork cases for your friends and family. 


Have a gift in mind and don’t see it on our list? Get in touch with us and we’ll love to custom-craft it for you. We also make the perfect last-minute gift, but don’t wait until the last minute to shop this year.

This is a year of coming together and practising your gratitude for friends, family and colleagues who've been around for the ride. Let us help you with that.

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